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Watkinson Service Trip:

Dominican Republic 2015

In 2015, I was able to participate in the Watkinson Dominican Republic Service Trip. This is a short-term service trip to offer support to displaced Haitians who live in the La Romana region of the Dominican Republic. Some of the Haitians are there because of the January 2010 earthquake, but most were bussed there by large companies to cut sugar cane. They live in sugar cane work camps, called bateys, and need basic life resources: shelter, clean water, food and medical care.

Mobile Medical Clinic

On our trip, our team worked on three different projects. One project was a mobile medical clinic. We travelled to a different location every day and had several doctors from Uconn who provided 1 on 1 treatment with locals. We also gave blood pressure, handed out free hats and shoes, and gave out the nessary medication.     

Sorting Pills

Outside the Medical Clinic

Doctor 1 on 1

Checking Blood Pressure

Giving out Hats

Kilometer 56

 Our second project was helping out a local school called Kilometer 56. They needed help renovating a new playground for the children. The photos will display our progress over the week.

Reshaping the Land

Shovelling Dirt for the Foundation

Cleared Landscape

Removing Rough Terrain

Preparing Cinder Blocks

Playground Layout

Final Stages


Batey 5o

Our third project was stationed on Batey 50. Bateys are remote villages where people are forced to cut sugar cane. This is the only way these people can make money, and deal with harsh living conditions. We spent our time here working on hurricane-proof housing. 

Batey Life

Batey 50

Shifting Sand

Shoveling Dirt for Foundation

Hurricane Proof House

Fun Activites

Beach Day

Dominican Baseball Game

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