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Global Studies Events

This page is an archive of all the events that I have participated in over the course of my senior year.

Fall 2017

Adam Alter: Skype Call
Caitlin Wolfe Club Time Talk

Adam Alter author of Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked spent a class talking to our global studies class about themes within his book, advice on sustaining healthy screen time, and Adam's opinion on the evergrowing addictive technology.     

Justice Stephen Breyer: CT Forum 

Caitlin briefly visited Watkinson to talk about her experience in the world of epidemiology, her travel experience, and her involvement in the preservation of maintaining stable global health. 

The Connecticut Forum hosted Justice Stephan Breyer who talked about the Supreme Court process, issues upon videotaping court cases, and how to spread awareness about supreme court case topics to the public.  

Freshly Squeezed with Colin McEnroe 
Oneika Raymond Visit

Freshly Squeezed hosted by Colin McEnroe along with a panel of educators, Bill Curry 
Suzanne Bates and Bilal D. Sekou discussed the current political state of America and how democracy has been construed     

 Watkinson was lucky to host Oneika Raymond a New York City-based writer, educator, on-camera host, vlogger, and travel junkie who has traveled to over 100 countries on 6 continents.  She was able to visit for two days and share her experiences with Watkinson

Ambassador of Pakistan, H.E. Aizas Ahmad Chaudhry

Aizas Ahmad Chaudhry recently elected ambassador of Pakistan visited the Mark Twain House to give a talk about global relations. Ahmad spent an hour prior to the main event participating in a student-led pre-talk which followed into his talked later on that was open the public.   

Winter 2017/18 

Ai Weiwei: Human Flow Viewing

 Ai Weiwei's format of this documentary helped illustrate the uncertainty that a refugee has to live with. Ai Weiwei’s ability to display this crisis through an artistic lens proved to be an impactful method, Human Flow showcased his expertise and talent in the field of movie production.

Ya Rath:  Cambodian-American Artist

Ya Rath learned traditional Cambodian music through memorizing, and not with conventional notes on a music sheet. Music became such a vital resource for Ya's survival. Ya's dad forced him to play music at a young age to distract him from the gang culture, and to pursue something more meaningful.

Ghenwah Kharbeet, Syrian Refugee: Skype Call

Ghenwah Karbeet’s Skype conversation was insightful for her perspective as a survivor of the refugee crisis. The most surprising fact about her situation was how unsafe it is for them today. 

Spring 2018

Bolokada Conde: Master West African Drummer​

This experiential learning experience made me appreciate Bolokada's culture and heritage more than a presentation or discussion. Bolokada is 1 of 3 Master drummers, and since he’s the only one who travels and spreads his culture and talent. I find that task very audacious.

Event Reflections
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