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Learning to Become an Active and Engaged Global Citizen
Capstone Project

Extra Curricular Activites

My name is Nick Smoolca and I am a current senior at the Watkinson School in Hartford Connecticut.  Along as a member of the Watkinson Global Studies Program. In addition, I belong to several clubs around campus including  WEC (Watkinson Environmental Coalition), where we strive to help obtain a environmentally sustained community. As well as Student Foundation, a club based on influencing philanthropy throughout the school community and connecting to the surrounding greater Hartford area 

This website is a portal of what I accomplished during my time as a senior in the Global Studies Program. I discuss events that our program host or participates in, along with my own personal reflection on my perspective of the event. I also included Extracurricular activities that I participate in out of school and on my own time that reflects upon our greater global studies themes. Lastly, If you are interested in learning more about me, I present my capstone project which dives into the new and upcoming esports competitive gaming industry. Not only does esports interest me, I have found a passion for video games and the effect it has had on the entertainment business, the option to provide a career path, the esports history, and the potential future for esports.



Contact Me

Name: Nick Smoolca​

Occupation: Student​

High School: Watkinson School

High School Address: 180 Bloomfield Ave, Hartford, CT 06105


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